Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Giant Saint.

If you haven't guessed already, I am not a sports fan. I base my loyalties on who has the hottest players with the most husband potential (hence, why I prefer Basketball and quit following The Hornets as soon as they traded my future husband).

But I was just introduced to this man and now I'm in love. I don't care what you say, that's hot. (Do you see the arms?! o.m.g. I have a thing for arms and those are the most beautiful I've ever seen and the tattoos just make it so much better. *note: I am not a fan of overly tattooed people but I make exceptions. And I prefer the dark eyes and hair over the fair, but he is definitely an exception.)

This is Jeremy Shockey (sorry I couldn't find a pic of him in the black and gold). He is now a New Orleans Saint and I want to have his children. Someone guarantee this for me and I am on the next flight home.


Shoeaddict said...

I can't see the picture on your page but I know what he looks like. We have very similar taste in men, friend!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Poor thing.. didn't you know he used to be a New York Giant? ;) You missed out babe... Oh wait...NOLA isn't out of your realm either. heh..heh.heh.. I see some stalking in your future.

Ohm and JS is also a kick ass Tight End (football position, not a reference to his butt)

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

I am a professional at stalking
and I already have my spy network hard at work figuring something out.

Who are these Ohm and JS you speak of? The Giants? need. more. info.

I might just become a football fan afterall. My Dad would be so proud!

Anonymous said...

since you now live in new yorka dn he now lives and plays here....i'm officially claiming him. he's now mine and you keep your new york hand off! lol

thank you for introducing me to my future husband! i'll cite you in the speech at the wedding and may even invite you so that i can introduce you to him. but you ahve no chance, as he is already in love with me! lol

Anonymous said...

He's very Arian by your standards, Abs. I am a little surprised... but not arguing with your taste.

I am hard at work getting his home address, phone number, and shoe size. Whatever it takes to get you home quicker. :-)

Andie said...

heee. you are too cute.

I actually have him ranked pretty high on my Fantasy Football ranks for my draft in 2 weeks!

TTQ said...

Ball Players are High Maint, I should know I married one.

Anonymous said...

Pic isn't coming up on my page either. But I will take your word for it


.Nicotine.Queen. said...

If you click on where the pic is supposed to be, it shows you. . . or google "Jeremy Shockey" Isn't Jeremy a fabulous name? I could totally fall in love with that name. . .ahh.

Steph- I gave you 1st floor hot calf man, what more do you want?! I dont care that he isn't there anymore. It's not my fault you didnt make a move!

Told ya my spy network was on it! Keep up the good work, Freddie!

TTQ- High Maint? Trust me, my last long term BF was high maint and I don't think a football player has anything on him. I got this covered. All I need is 5 minutes with him and he will be putty in my hands.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I had a typo babe.. I meant to say "Oh and JS (as in Jeremy Shockey) is a tight end..."

Yes, you really SHOULD check out the New York Giants -- very yummy man meat in tight pants. Hell, you have TWO teams in NYC.. the Jets too and let me tell you.. Brett Favre is DAMN HOT for an old dude. ;) (old being.. like.. 39)


Andie --- You are ranking JS high?? Like.. how high? I mean, are you ranking him above Anthony Gonzalez or Jason Witten? Surely not! Seriously girl.. we should talk. :)