Friday, August 29, 2008

For the record, next time I get a bright idea to wear ankle boots to a concert in Central Park, someone beat me with them. They were fine all day, until I had to walk the length and width of the park to get into the venue and out. I don't think I will walk normal ever again.

Last night was the fabulous Phantom Planet/ Jack's Mannequin/ Paramore concert and my broken feet was totally worth it. I proceeded to drink 4 beers and eat a hot dog and fries in record time resulting in a very satisfying buzz. Jumping around like a retarded white girl was tons of fun, too. It was much needed stress reliever. Rumsey Playfield is an outdoor venue and it's huge. There was faux astro-turf laid out that you could sit on all over with bleachers and I think there was even a Guitar Hero booth where you could play the game if you got bored with the concert. It was more than I expected. Will I ever go to another concert there again? Sure. As long as I wear comfie shoes.

During this, I came to 2 realizations.

1. Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin is amazing. I absolutely love piano players and he can definitely play. Lately I have been really digging songs with very notable piano parts. Tori Amos is of course my favorite artist of all time, who rocks the piano like no other. Andrew was definitely up there with her on the piano rocking. From where I was standing, he bore a resemblance to Ryan Gosling- which made it even hotter in my opinion. It's hard to believe only a few short years ago he was battling leukemia. Obviously, he won and is back doing what he loves most- good for him! And did I mention he was looking a lot like Ryan Gosling?

side note: I just found out they are putting out a new album and Stephenie Meyers (author of The Twilight Saga) is working with them on their new video. How totally awesome yet unfair.

and Jeremy Davis. The bassist of Paramore. He is 22 and 5'11, but what I wouldn't do to him if I had the chance! Anyway, he totally looked like Ryan in the notebook- you know when he grows the beard? After he built the house for her and she goes back to him? And he delivers that amazing speech about how she's a pain in the ass but he wants her, all of her and all that other stuff that makes me want him to say it to me? ahhh. Anyway, I don't know what all that was about, but it seems it was a Ryan Gosling on the brain type of night.
another side note: apparently he got back together with Rachel McAdams? How cute are they together?

2. I finally figured out what my obsession with musicians is all about. As I watched them get totally involved with performing the music and thoroughly enjoying themselves, it hit me. I was watching passion being played out in front of me in it's purest form. These artists weren't just playing music to play, they were passionate about it, which was portrayed through the music seeping out into the audience- hitting me square in the face. That's when I realized it had been so long since I had been exposed to anyone or anything even resembling passion, I forgot what it was. I don't need to find my purpose in life, I need to find my passion. I am missing that unquenchable thirst to care about something so deeply I feel it in my soul. I have always been a passionate person but I didn't realize I had lost that part of me until I saw it being played out in front of my eyes last night. Talk about having a moment nearly knock you on your ass and it haven't nothing to do with the amount of alcohol you consumed.

Now I am off on an adventure of trying to figure out how to get to Jersey.
Wish me luck, knowing me, I might end up in Canada if I'm not careful.
Hope everyone has a fabulous and safe extra long weekend!

That's hot.


TTQ said...

Yay another Tori fan out there!