Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On Wednesdays we wear WaCk.

The co-worker who thoroughly enjoys my quirkiness? Has totally jumped on board with Wacky Wednesday wardrobe. Today I unfortunately forgot. But I'm about to get on a plane. There is enough ammunition I'm sure I give TSA to put me in a holding cell without my outfit sending off any red flags. Although, I am wearing my new cowboy boots that are a size too small, so getting them on and off to go through security should be a show.

Remember that thing I was really excited about a few weeks ago? Yea. Not so much anymore.
Please, people. If you remember nothing else: Once a tool, always a tool. end of story.
If only I could take my own advice.


Fred said...

I think you just quoted me and didn't give me credit. Let's just say tools make me angry with a capital PISSED OFF.

BTW, I am guessing the outfit is quirky anyway. You're never status quo.

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

I did get my inspiration from our previous conversation, but I would never plagiarize.

Tools only piss you off because I have a magnet on my ass for them and then you must clean up the mess.

And then sometimes, you date them, too. We will discuss more tomorrow when I am physically there to smack you over the head.

and Thank you :-)

Fred said...

Oh, a spanking from Abs. This week isn't all for naught. Even more to look forward to!

You have to admit, though... I didn't bother you much with the issues from this one. You didn't know much about it until after it was over. Lucky you.