Friday, October 24, 2008

This is how interesting my Friday is.

I googled myself.
The first thing that popped up is my Friendster account, which I forgot I had. And there is someone on with my name, but it's not me. weird.
Then there was some other crap from college- the newspaper and sorority stuff. I forgot I was an honor student once upon a time. Apparently I'm a nurse and I swim, too.

I'm really just bidding my time until lunch. I'm going to put myself into more debt. It's the last day of the Betsey Johnson sample sale and I've been waiting all year for it. And I think I might go play in Soho after work, just to make sure I spend my entire paycheck.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


shoeaddict said...

PLEASE post pictures of what you buy.

Fred said...

Save some $$$ for when I come to town so we can have some fun. Seriously.

Andie said...

soho!!!!! I LOVE SOHO!

if you go down there tomorrow, you could go to the market where I got my lucky jade ring. :)

There are all kinds of good yummies in soho, too. Like dean & deluca. mmmmm


LaiLani Ali said...

I google myself on the regular- just to make sure none of my bad behavior has caught up with me.