Monday, October 20, 2008

More talk on the weather b/c that's how interesting I am lately.

It's supposed to be in the 60s, but it sure doesn't feel like it. I know in a few months, I'm going to be begging it to be this warm, but right now I'm freezing. FREEEZING! And I'm so not ready for dry skin and staticy hair. I am just not prepared. I am not ready to switch back to Head and Shoulders shampoo (yes. I apparently get dandruff in the winter here and I am woman enough to admit it, dammit) I didn't even have a week to wear cute dresses and boots sans leggings. I was really looking forward to that! Damn you, Mother Nature. You took away my Spring last year and now you're going to make me prepare for the longest most brutal winter I have ever experienced early? You are just spiteful. If I could disregard you, I would.

And this sporadic radiator business is not cutting it. Last night I had to sleep with socks and pants on (two things of which I hate) only to wake up with the damn heater on full blast. I understand the city of New York is fluent in ghetto heating (which consists of the heat being regulated by the building without the ability for individuals to it turn up or down at their own discretion therefore having to open a window in 20 degree weather in order not to be roasted alive) but it is unacceptable to me. I want Central Air and carpet!

One positive thing I forgot about is how warm and comfy my down comforter is. I went straight from work into my bed and only got out to move to the living room to watch One Tree Hill (which was adorable! Lucas and Peyton's fight was hysterical! And I'm totally loving Brooke and Owen. awwww.)

On that note, I'm out.


Andie said...

I feel that way about warm weather. LOL

Philly said...

I put the heat on last night. Too fucking cold here in Philly. Good baseball weather though!