Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Disappoint. It's a part of life. deal with it.

Which the title directly refers to my experience in the Long Island Wal-mart last night, but it is 15 minutes passed my bedtime and I have had a very long and pissy day (read: TRAGIC. Not getting much sleep, going to the Post Office before work thinking it was a block away when in reality it was 5 avenues- or something dramatic like that- having the Postal worker deliver me a box that was split open, toting it back to my apartment which made me late for work where I had a maddening co-worker drive me to the brink of the window, followed by rain in New York and being 2 avenues away from my office. . . and actually having to work)

but I cannot be all negative. I do have my health (sort of), I got to webcam chat with my niece, had really good Sushi for the first time in the city, watched One Tree Hill (which could also be categorized under tragic.) and found out my own personal Jon Jon will be visiting me in the city in a few weeks to continue our adventures on The East Coast.

And dammit didn't I say it was past my bedtime?


Eastcoastdweller said...

I'm sorry You had such a rotten day!