Friday, February 29, 2008

You make me wanna LaLa

Could I pull this off?
I have serious envy for those of the emo/ goth/ punk. I think my fascination has a lot to do with my friend’s observation that I have a little goth and a big sorority girl living inside of me and they are constantly at battle. Generally, the sorority chick kicks the poor Goths ass but every now and then Goth girl wins a battle. I unfortunately grew out of my Goth (or the newly revamped even more derogative term emo) stage in high school but some days I wish I could pull off fishnets and black lipstick again and not feel retarded. I'm way to old to be tortured in teen angst. And now with this commercialization of it all, I could get even cuter clothes without having to make them myself. I would love to be able to spend my weekends kickin it at the mall with my boyfriend in matching chucks with matching eyeliner being emo together. Too bad I never went for the emo guys, though.
But I am guilty of laughing at the occasional emo joke. What? They’re funny! “I want an emo lawn, so it will cut itself” “What did the guy in line say to the emo? No cutting”.

Yes. They are tragic, but I am allowed to laugh. I understand their pain. I get it. I used to be one of them. But you, you are not allowed to laugh.

And speaking of the Punk Queen, I was very disappointed with my meet-n-greet in Long Island on Monday. It was recockulously unorganized, She was an hour late and I got no special treatment, except we got to meet her first. Oh! And then we were not allowed to take pictures with her (which who wants her autograph anyway? Im so upset Im very close to putting it on ebay and hoping to get 20$ for it.) To be honest, I don’t even think I saw her or said anything to her, we were rushed in and rushed out. But I do recall she looked EXTREMELY thin but I’m liking the red hair. I want her haircut.

It was a waste of 5 hours of my time and 20 of my dollars on the commute there. But I did buy hair dye and had a Molten Lava cake at Chillis- so it wasn’t a total loss.


(and a guy to lean into me like that, too.)


eastcoastdweller said...

Bummer on the celebrity lameness. But hey, why settle for $20. Try charging $200 and see if You get any bites.

Plenty of people out there are happy to throw their money away.

Anonymous said...

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