Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents' Day!

I have had my one shot and a beer for the celebration (which is a lot tamer than it would have been in my college years- one of my very best friends had a tradition on this wonderful holiday to start early in the morning and do a shot for each president. of course, we would get to about 5 and then start picking our favorites). My one shot of jager, of course, would be for our future president, Hilary Clinton, and the Stella (my new favorite beer, btw) to chase for the 40 other ones.

Then I proceeded to giggle through a conversation where I should have been "aloof and not too quick to respond but letting him know I was interested". Damn me and my effin relationship advice. It doesn't taste so sweet when I have to drink it. Me and my stupid self-righteousness has kept me out of the game so long that I forgot how to play. This sucks. But Im sure it's like a bandaid and if not, I am signing up for a convent. Wish me luck! Apparently I need it.

And now I will get back to a game that I am too familiar with- anyone know a four letter word for "give off"?


eastcoastdweller said...

Give off: emit.