Friday, January 18, 2008

u-g-l-y. you ain't got no alibi.

I have a new bed partner.
It's Beep and Bop!

When I was in SoHo buying my Uggs, I stopped in Yellow Rat Bastard (because I swear there is a little punk-rock goth living inside of me that the sorority girl inside of me keeps beating up) and fell in love with these dolls.

This is tragic. I sleep with them every night. A 25 (almost 26!) year old sleeping with stuffed animals. I think everyone should go buy one and I won't feel like such a loser. And they're so ugly- they're cute!


Eastcoastdweller said...

If people weren't buying them, the stores wouldn't be selling them.

Ergo, You ain't no loser, NQ!

I think it's a cute concept, enjoying a thing or two that is considered childish. I still watch cartoons sometimes, just for fun. And my Sweetie colors.