Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Personal Jackassery.

Seriously. Why do people let me drink? I get that I am a fun person, but lately I haven’t known my limit- which is something I pride myself on having known since I was 15. New Years Eve I chalked it up to enjoying the holiday thoroughly. But when I drink over a half of a bottle by myself and I am so drunk I don’t need to drink another drink all night, that’s a little intense. I mean, hey! I saved money but not knowing where the hell I was and how I got there is not a good plan. (ok. So it was the LES, but I still don’t know the name of the multiple bars I went into). Luckily, I was with very good friends who took care of me.

So I thought it was a fluke, until I did it again at a co-worker’s party this current weekend. I am going to blame this time on the fact, I was making my own drinks in little Cinderella cups, I started drinking too early and I was excited about finding an apartment. All this resulted in sleeping until 5pm, vomiting and having no idea how I got my pajamas on, along with remembering some embarrassing moments from the night before. No, nothing serious enough to make me want to quit, but enough to make me realize exactly how obnoxious, blunt and loud I can be.

I am highly aware these are not safe situations and I am going to explore more deeply at a later date. Why I am sharing all this with the w.w.w? Hopefully, you’re amused.

And I also decided to buy these:

Yes, someone can hit me with them but jeez! They’re so damn cute! And they were calling my name. I swear- all the way from Soho.

Wanna know what else is entertaining me at the moment?
ONE TREE HILL. Seriously. Get into it, its your second chance.


eastcoastdweller said...

Just be careful, NQ! You're in the big city now and You gotta keep Your wits about You.