Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Selling my soul for personal space is definitely an option at this point.

So last night I got hit on, offered drugs and insulted all in the same sentence by some little ethnic boy in my neighborhood while I was minding my own business trying to enjoy a cigarette. Someone get me outta here!!! Ok, not to disrespect my home for the past 3 months, but seriously. I ‘roughed’ it long enough. I have enough material for a bestselling novel, so now I’m over it.

Well at least I can’t say my life is not interesting due to the apartment hunt. I just wish it wasn’t so interesting as to give me panic attacks. . although in retrospect, it was kinda fun- in a creepy I-can’t-breathe-and-my-heart-beat-is-coming-out-of-my-ears-fun. I have decided moving is a main reason why I am addicted to anti-depressants, and for all this headache I definitely deserve a ‘script of Valium. . maybe if I would have gotten the valium before I went hunting, I would be in a much different situation.

And speaking of best selling novels- I could write one with all the new and interesting people I have met along the road of finding a new place to live. It has almost been as entertaining as people watching on cold days (I don’t think seeing grown ass men wearing mufflers or fargo hats will ever stop being funny to me). I seriously cannot catch a break with these people. But I think I have found a few that Im interested in. Tonight will be my last night of looking. I have three set up after work and I want to have a decision by tomorrow, no later than Thursday. I need to stop stressing and start focusing on furniture shopping (Ikea here I come!! YaY!!) and wardrobe planning for my Disney trip!! I don’t think my life will settle down until about March but then again. . .when does life ever really settle down?

After a long day of looking at shoeboxes disguised as bedrooms in the Upper East Side and smoker friendly winos who also smoke pot in the house in Tribeca, I decided to treat myself to shoes:

They are my de-stressors. I put them on and I pretend I’m a hobbit (which also happens to be the style name. Blowfish is the brand- don’t walk RUN to your nearest David Z and we can be hobbits together!) I am assuming hobbits don’t have problems, like trying to live in New York (but just to make sure I am going to google it!), and I feel better.

Today it’s 57°! 50 f.n 7. DEGREES!!
I am wearing flats (not boots) and a dress! I am aware that this is a sorority girl tease, but at least I have a taste of what’s to come for me in February. When it will feel like the tundra here, I will be in Disney. I will miss 10 of the coldest days and then I will have 20 more- then it’s in the clear! But truth be told, those 20 days of Feb I am scared to death. We have already had one (13° with a wind-chill of 5°) and I nearly cried (but didn’t for fear of tears freezing on my f.n face!). Although, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the bone-chillers of the south, it was still damn cold. But I do believe whoever decides it’s a good time to keep in touch with Abby in the winter months will get an earful of whining.

Maybe it’s the warmer weather or maybe it’s just because I remembered to take my medication today, but I finally feel like everything is going to be ok. And if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.