Sunday, October 28, 2007

In a relationship.

I have a boyfriend. Yes, you heard right. I am in a relationship.

His name is MTA, which stands for Metropolitan Transportation Authority. As in, the fucking subway. It's similar to Carrie Bradshaw's relationship with the city itself but mine is more dysfunctional. There isn't too much communication involved which leaves me frustrated, alone and sometimes scared. He never does what he says he will and he pisses me off a lot. But every now and then he shows up when he is supposed to and takes me to some amazing places all over the city. Without this relationship, I wouldn't be able to experience as much as I do with it.

And that is all for now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a very spaced out blog with no point

My eyeballs hurt. My brain is all mushy and I feel like I'm swimming. Have I mentioned I hate numbers? Have I also mentioned that the majority of my job deals with numbers? (Like 165% of it). I know I'm only on day 2 and of course its going to be frustrating and overwhelming. Why can I just aspire to be a damn receptionist? (I actually aspire to be a professional trophy wife but until that man comes along I have to do something to pay the bills) My head hurts. I feel like I never get enough sleep but I must not revert back to doing nothing.
Ok. I think I'm done.

I got really drunk for the first time since I've been here and that made me happy. before this weekend, I felt like all I was doing was wasting money on 10$ drinks and ending up walking my slightly buzzed self sober. But Saturday night I succeed in drinking my ass off and staying that way well into the morning. Then I proceeded to wake up, do laundry and have a fantastic day with myself in Washington Square Park. I'm reading this book that I am absolutely in love with ("The Time Traveler's Wife"- amazing!) and I'm starting to get back my sense of self.

I work around the block from Bryant Park, which makes me so happy. Parks are my thing right now. I don't know, but don't get too used to it. I'm sure its just another Abby-phaze which will only last a few months (or long enough til the winter comes). I need to get my happy ass off this couch and go grocery shopping.

I have also noticed New Yorkers like to go on strike a lot. I don't get it. I thought that shit ended in the 20s (kinda like all the racism crap on the news, too.) From the cab drivers to the hotel workers to friggin Broadway (literally!) I can't keep up with who is holding the signs.

I have also noticed my hatred for tourist has not gotten lost since I've been here. I want to strangle them a little less than I did in New Orleans, but at least here I can "accidentally" hit them with my purse or step on their heels and do it without the fake southern charm.

And I bought a web cam so I can talk to my family at home but I have no idea what program to use with it. Anyone wanna help me out?

And this is the end of a very spaced out blog with no point.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Greetings from Cloud 9!

Yup. That's right. Check out the new Merchandising Assistant for! How excited am I? Holy Crap! This was the first interview I've been on (not including to meet with temp agencies) and I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. The only bummer is this is an entry level position (which means entry level pay) but it is also the fast track to getting into the industry, so no complaints from me! I will be working in Time Square, which sucks but at the same time is amazing!
And tomorrow I am doing a temp job at some big brokers firm where my recruiter told me I need to find my husband. . . a perfect job AND a perfect potential husband all in the same 24 hours? Impossible but let's hope for the best!

And I forgot the best news ever: I MET TORI F.N. AMoS!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I met that angel that happens to be walking the earth AND she is as amazing in person. Let me tell you about this experience. So, I've always heard she did meet-n-greets outside of the arena that she is having her concert about 4ish hours prior to the concert that night, but I have never been able to go. So, last Thursday I traveled to Madison Square Garden around 3pm just to see. Well, that day God happened to open the sky and let the Mother of all rainstorms happen right then. A very nice usher happened to tell me that Tori would probably be going in through the employee entrance and she directed me to the green awning. But as I contemplated walking around the monstrosity of a building in the pouring down rain I did not know if it was worth getting soaked in the off chance that she would be there. I of course contemplated over a cigarette then said fuck it and walked around the building, and thank goodness I did. There was a small group of people by the awning and I asked them if this is where the meet-n-greet was happening and then then put me in line and parted and I saw Tori was already there! Two extremely sweet guys realized it was my first time meeting her and let me go ahead of them. I'm not sure exactly what I said when I got up there but I do remember asking her to play Crucify (the last concert I went to she didn't and it has scarred me ever since). Seeing as she already had a palmful of requests, I didn't think she would (But to my surprise she did! and then I cried). It had to have been the best night of my life. The concert was amazing and something special to me that I won't ever forget.

So I don't think I can top that ever. But living in this city has made me so happy, thus far. It's amazing all the things a properly functioning city has to offer. Lately I've been hanging out in The Parks. It's becoming my favorite thing to do- that and seeing a Broadway play for 20 bucks! Everyday I realize how blessed I am to be here.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Caught a Lite Sneeze

Today I am a functioning human! That did laundry in a public laundromat and everything! And no, dearies, that was not the highlight of my day.
The highlight: I got my Tori ticket!! YaY! For those of you not familiar with my favorite female, Tori Amos is the most amazing and talented musician out there. I have been a fan all the way back to Little Earthquakes, which is by far my favorite album. This amazing woman will be preforming at Madison Square Gardens this Thursday and Friday night. AH! What a welcome-to-New York gift to myself! (you know, besides the Avenue Q and Legally Blonde tix) Her new album features 5 different characters (my favorite being Clyde and Pip)see below:


And for those of you wanting me to be a responsible adult, I did spend a few hours today sending out resumes. Proud? Yes, and one included to Coach, which I have decided if I do get (highly unlikely) I will spend all of my poor lil paycheck on the new Bleeker Tattersall collection (have you seen the ads for this? omg. amazing!)
I think a trip to Chinatown is in my near future!

Now I must go, I feel warm and I need to let my NyQuil kick in to get over this cold-thingie.

Friday, October 5, 2007

We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Today I finally got on a subway where I was not the minority. I felt safe and more comfortable than I have in the past several days. Too bad it was the 'L' that goes to Williamsburg, oh yea, and I live no where near it. Now I'm not a racist (well. . every one's a little bit racist ;-) Ten points to whoever can get that reference!) but there are somethings that I do not get about other cultures. Like, who made up the rule it's ok to stare at people and be loud and obnoxious? Who made up the rule it's ok to not speak English in America? I can be annoyed about these things b/c I am a white (dare I say chalk?) girl living in Sunset Park, which isn't a bad neighborhood but I definitely don't belong.
Its goddamn karma I tell you. . . How long did I bitch about the Mexican invasion in New Orleans (with good reason! Hooting and Hollering at white girls on the Interstate is not going to get them to swoon you fucking alien!)and now look what I get. Transplanted right in the middle of it and I don't even get a right to bitch because they out number me!
We met our new neighbor today. She's a British 23 yr old here for 3 months studying at some dance school. She was a little disappointed to find out we weren't British also. Our landlady apparently cant tell the difference between white Americans and Britains but hey I can't tell the difference between Mexicans and Cubans so I guess we're even (Hello?? The accent didn't give it away?!).

Today was not a good day. I sweated a lot. And I hate the commute (Who the fuck ever said living in a borough was a good idea I would like to shot right about now). Other than that I am seriously on the verge of locking myself in my apartment. I can't even find a good bar anywhere near me (well, not that I would want to become a patron of anyway. I am not a fan of tequila.) Someone else move up here now so I can have a friend.

And can someone please tell me the point of having a non-smoking restaurant with the side of it being an entire window that is kept open? I think more of my smoke went into the restaurant than if I was sitting at my table which was on the other side of the wall!