Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weirdest Cat Call Ever.

I was on one of my many coffee runs today (did I mention I am in class allllll day today?! That's right. 8am to 10pm, baby) and this car pulls up saying something about you're beautiful, blah blah blah. I didn't even realize he was talking to me (seriously? How sexy can Ugg boots and a huge winter coat be?) until he was like "I'm not even going to get a Thank You?" The voice sounded like one of my classmates, so I looked over. I was expecting some skeez, but it was a respectable guy in a suit and a nice car.

I think that might have been my Julia Roberts moment.

I told him I was married.



Patrick, Kelli & Mason West said...

Way to not play it, Abs. Shawn should be proud. He really has softened you. LOL.

Andie said...

Are you at that point yet where even though it's weird, you still feel better because someone hit on you? LOL

I got asked out at a saints game a few weeks ago and the guy was cute and I was giddy because I got hit on. It had not happened in so long I was so excited!

The BF said...

Kelli - She probably just didn't want to throw out her cigarette to go talk to him.

Andie - It's always nice to get hit on regardless.

NQ - Looks like you'll always have options. 1st this then you're roomies b-day party. I guess I better be careful.