Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two of my favorite things in a creative collaboration?= Instant O face.

Tim Burton to make a movie about Maleficent?!!?

I about died/ peed my pants/ jumped off the bed when I heard this (via facebook status, no less). You have no idea. Mal and I are on nickname basis, I love her so much. And I am having an affair with Tim Burton's work right now. This is insane. Casting Johnny Depp in the movie will probably send me over the edge.

Is it too early to camp out for tickets?! I'd do it.


The BF said...

Jonny Depp would make a great Maleficent. He's girly enough to pull it off. And not a bad actor either.

Patrick, Kelli & Mason West said...

Totally agree!!! Haha! You are so crazy!