Friday, June 5, 2009

Angel has spread it's wings; The time has come for bigger things.

TODAY IS MY LAST DAY AT WORK. . . . and I don't feel anything. But in a few short hours I will be feeling tequila. I think that evens out, don't you?

So, plans have changed a little. We will not be setting out on our adventure into the great unknown of Europe. Too much is going on in both of our lives right now to plan a proper trip and I do not want to half ass it through Ireland and Italy, that should be a sin.
Instead, we decided to take a cruise!! WITH our significant others! We will be rocking the high seas to St. John and Nova Scotia!

Have I mentioned I get sea-sick?
And I'm going to be stuck on a boat for 5 days. . .
Stay tuned for all the fun that's going to bring on.
PS- anyone know if walkie-talkies work on cruise ships? We really want to play Mission Impossible: Spot the scary persons.


Andie said...

yes- walkie talkies work on cruise ships. they are great to keep tabs on people!

and go get an earpatch to keep you from getting sick. you need to get it before you even get on the ship, though

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Walkie talkies work everywhere. Hopefully the ship will be too big to make you sick.