Thursday, February 24, 2011

My next significant other.

My race is less than a month away and I'm already dreaming of the one after that (and after that and after that. . .) which means I need to figure out how I'm going to train on my own. I love the team, but fundraising stresses me out too much. Funny, I thought the running 13.1 miles would.

So I've come up with a solution. I need to date someone who lives within walking distance of central park, who may or may not be training for a triathlon (why? Idk. All I know is its really sexy when the cyclists zoom past me in such a sleek and sexy manner. It gives me motivation)

New Yorkers totally date based on location so now I'm defining mine. Sounds reasonable enough, right?

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rachel's life. said...

I just clicked on your donate page thing and I was like, who the fuck is abby? Then the penny dropped. You've always just been Nicotine Queen! And you actually have a face too. For this reason, I shall donate. Run my pretty, run.

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

You're amazing, Rachel!! I am so overwhelmed at how sweet that was. Thank you so much!!