Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finish lines, medals and smoking. Oh My!

I'm infatuated with running.

I know. Did you ever think you'd hear that come from me? I'm in as much shock as you are and so are my knees. I'm having such a great time doing it with Team in Training that I've become obsessed. I think I was spoiled with being back for only a week from the holidays, I ran my first 5 mile race. That finish line is addicting, people. I think they lace it with crack. It's such an amazing feeling. I can't even explain it. The fact that I'm in a better mood and my ass looks even better in my skinny jeans doesn't hurt either.

For instance, today I am looking up Half Marathons I can run after my big New York Half in March (that is assuming I am going to ever get back to walking normally. I did 6 miles yesterday and I'm just able to get off of the couch today.) I promised Fred last year I would be able to do the Disneyworld Half this year and seeing as I wasn't trained yet, I didn't rock it. But next year- I will get that Donald Duck medal! We are even talking about the Half in Disneyland, too. Of course, we cannot forget about the Crescent City Classic. It's a 10K but I feel that it's a right of passage for every New Orleanian to do once, so I think I'm going home for that. There are just so many to chose from. . . The Philly Rock-n-Roll Half? Rhode Island? So many races, so little funds.

Yes, I see the big pink elephant in the room and I will now address it. Yes, I'm still smoking (please don't tell any of my teammates. We are raising money for cancer for goodness sake! It's blood cancer, but still) but I have cut back tremendously. I can't smoke before I work out, so I have to leave adequate amount of time for that, so that cuts back a lot, especially since I've been training almost every night of the week. For example, Saturday morning I woke up at 7am but did not have my first cigarette until 1pm. Damn impressive, if you ask me. So, I guess I might as well admit, I'm thinking about stopping (notice, I said stop not quit). Don't get all excited and supportive yet (That never makes me feel better so save your congratulations for my running), you better believe if it continues not to interfere, I will still have my victory cigarette.

So, where does that leave this blog? I know I don't talk about smoking that often here, but it's still in the name. Maybe I'll have to change the name, but that thought scares me more than not smoking. We shall see. For now, I'm going to try to keep my running talk to a minimum. I am documenting it all on my Fundraising page. For those who want to keep up with it and/or donate, email me and I can send you the link.

Til then, stay tuned.


Sarah said...

I've found myself thinking along the same lines lately. I'm a smoker who's never really felt the drive to quit but have been skating with a roller derby team for about 4 months now and I've been thinking... maybe I should stop to see if it helps me be a better athlete.

I feel ya. Either way- good luck with all the running!!!

The West Family said...

Proud...Proud...Proud of YOU!
Just switch to that new "cig" they are marketing that is fake - but still has nicotine. That way you can still cut back little by little.
But still very proud.
1 pm is possibly a record for you especially since you were awake all that time.

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Sarah- YaY! Roller Derby. I love love love me some Roller Derby! Can't wait for the season to start here. I see you're from LA. I have a few friends that are retired from it down there. Good luck with the stopping. We can be each other's cheerleaders!

Many thanks to my West family, who know exactly how much of a smoker I am and have been through all of it. If I come home for the CCC, yall should too! xoxo

Eastcoastdweller said...

I haven't visited here in a while but this is great news! I'm not running but I have a little dog now and she gets me outside for the kind of regular exercise I can feel good about.

If You choose to quit smoking, I'll join the cheering throng, and I hope You believe that.