Saturday, November 13, 2010

One step closer.

What's missing on this main page?
That's right. That dreaded Facebook app. I deleted it. It's a small step but a step forward nonetheless to stop giving a crap what other people are doing and focus on what I'm doing. I realized I was becoming addicted and it was getting in the way of other things. I didn't have the guts to delete my entire account but if this doesn't work, I'm holding y'all to make me.


rachel's life. said...

I was looking at your apps and I was like 'got it, got it, got it' but I didn't have TFLN. Until now! I've been laughing all bloody night! Thanks for the introduction of an amazing app!

I bet you get fb back within a week. :-)

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

You're supposed to be supportive! Haha.
TFLN is my substitute fb right now. Glad you liked it. Check out FML. That will have you rolling too!

rachel's life. said...

I shall buy you drinks all night when we come to NYC for the introduction of these comical apps.