Monday, March 15, 2010

Jewelry by LuShea

Recently I was contacted by a jewelry website, Jewelry by LuShea (check out their pendants) to review their website and products. I am no expert by any means but here we go.

Generally, I'm not a jewelry shopper. I stick to what I know and since moving to New York my accessory collection has dwindled to a few select pieces. I was super stoked to see they had horseshoe earrings. I had been wanting them forever, so what did I pick? The horseshoe earrings.

As I was reading the description for them, it said there was a matching necklace and ring (totally could have rocked the necklace) but I couldn't find them on the site, so I went with them anyway. I thought they would be perfect for my second holes.

I adore the box they came in (seeing as I'm all about packaging now) and I was excited they were smaller than I perceived from the website. And they've been in my ears ever since. Perfect for casual or snazzing yourself up.

Why am I only picturing one? Because the other one was in my ear at the time.

Why am I not showing you a picture of them on me?
Because after a year or so of not wearing earrings in my second piercing, it turned my ear all red :-( maybe in a few days. Until then, yall should check out the site!

Thanks again!